How to Program Garage Door Opener? – Advantages of a Smart Opener

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A smart garage door opener is an innovation that allows you to operate or manage your garage door. A normal garage door opener assists you by opening or closing your garage doors when you press a button. The smart garage door system allows you to do all this using nothing else but your smartphone. Most of the garage door opener brands have a specific customized MyQ application to do this. These applications allow the user to open and close the garage doors and also receive notifications whenever the door is opened or closed without your knowledge. 

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Once the smart garage door opener is set up and connected to the myQ app on your phone, you can also install and manage lights in your garage or even cameras. A sensor installed on the door senses the motions and sends the updates to the operating app. This smart garage door opener reduces the overall trouble of having to personally be present in front of the garage door to manage its working. The user can do that remotely. You can check the below guide on How to program Garage Door Opener remote and do it on your own.

Smart Garage Door Opener Programming

So, how to program a garage door opener to a vehicle? The programming of the smart garage door opener takes place in a few steps. The first one is to install the smart garage door sensor, and the second step is linking it with MyQ hub and lastly link the hub to the myQ app on your phone, which will allow you to operate the door remotely. Before knowing how to use garage door opener keypad, let’s see the basic installation guide.

1. Installing the smart garage door sensor

  1. Select the position on the garage door’s top panel where you want to install the sensor.
  2. Peel off the adhesive cover from one side of the adhesive strips and stick it to your sensor’s back.
  3. Then, remove the cover on the other side of the strips and mount it on your door.
  4. While positioning the sensor on your door, make sure that the mark ‘Top’ is towards the top of your door.
  5. Ensure that the sensor is secured firmly in place.

2. Install the MyQ app on your phone

  1. Install the myQ app from Playstore on android devices and the AppStore on iOS devices.
  2. Once installed, click on create a new account.
  3. After creating a new account, log in using your ID and password.
  4. Click on ‘add device.’
  5. Add the myQ smart garage hub to the app.

3. Connecting the smart garage door opener to the myQ smart garage hub

  1. Close your garage door and remove any obstructions from around the door.
  2. Open the myQ app and select the brand of your garage door.
  3. Locate the learn or program button on your smart garage door opener.
  4. You will be able to find this button on the back or the bottom of the unit.
  5. Once you have located it, click on ‘found it’ in the app.
  6. Press the learn/program button until the led next to it lights on.
  7. Wait for the hub to find your garage door opener.
  8. Then, your app will prompt you to click on ‘next.’
  9. Lastly, type in a name for your garage door opener, and then you can start operating the door using it.

Hope you understood how to program a garage door opener to car! Let’s see the benefits of smart garage door opener from the below section.

Uses of a Smart Garage Door Opener

It is always a wise decision to check the best garage door opener reviews and benefits of it before buying. There are many advantages of a smart garage door opener, and since the installation is quite simple, you can avail of these advantages at a very reasonable price.

  • One of the most basic and obvious benefits is the increase in convenience regarding your time and efforts put into operating the garage doors and increasing overall security.
  • The smart garage door opener also saves you time since you can remotely open your garage door using your phone so you do not have to waste any time waiting outside your door for it to open. You can set it to open as soon as you have reached your home.
  • It offers remote management of your garage door, so even if only one family member has access to the app, it is easy for them to open it for anyone else from literally anywhere in the world, which is very efficient. 


The smart garage door opener is a very efficient device which makes the managing and operating of your garage doors fairly simple and remote. Its installation is very easy and can be done on your own as well. By checking the above guide you can know how to program garage door opener in an easy way. It has multiple advantages and is quite affordable to buy and install.

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